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Amsterdam-The city of Artistic Heritage

By Sara Branson, Posted on 17 Sep, 2021 at 03:48 pm

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Amsterdam-The city of Artistic Heritage

Let’s introduce the wonderful Artistic heritage city, Amsterdam, which cuddles up in the Netherland. It is a wonderful panoramic canal city, is famous because of its scenic skyline-silver river, attractive cultural heritage and wonderful sightseeing storytelling historic spots, great historical museums, its amazing boating spots, wonderful historic Windmill, and ideal ice-bar having beautiful false snow falling view are the root cause of its popularity!

Not only this, the art and cultural heritage of the city is also one of the reasons for its attractiveness, the wonderful art-décor landmarks, panoramic architectural buildings, aesthetic musical concerts which play many classical songs, and attractive solo performances on different attractions of the city, wonderful paintings and lush snow sculptures!

The city and its attractions always welcome visitors in all seasons with all the glory of the spots! The winter season in Amsterdam is a little dark and snowy season when all the attractions are under cover of beautiful white shiny snow. While in the summer season, the vivid rays of the sun enhance the attractions of the city! The beautiful bluish river with a wonderful up-front look of multi-colored fishes and the amusing boat riding is more interesting for many visitors!

Things to see and do in Amsterdam:

There is so much Amsterdam offers to the visitors, and to help them relax, there are plenty of the Best Hotels in Amsterdam; let's look at the best attractive landmarks providing great amusing activities and some nice hotels to stay in!

Blue Boat Amsterdam Evening Canal Cruise:

This is a famous worldly canal in the wonderful blue crystalline water. This is a paradisal canal with scenic candlelight voyage at night, wonderful glass cabin boat with the glow of candles, passing through the several historic and attractive landmark views of the city and soaking up the folk tale view of the twinkling buildings, flash bridges, and blinking houseboats!

Volendam, Marken, and Windmills:

These are three amazing landmarks full of sightseeing panoramic views of Windmill, classical clockmaker, broad fishing valleys, sky-line Silver River, wonderful ferry ride, and lush, breathtaking greenery around it! Most of the tourist love to visit this scenic landmark to see the classical heritage of the city!

Holocaust Memorial & Dutch Theater:

Amsterdam also welcomes visitors by allowing them to discover the city's wonderful cultural heritage and remarkable history and giving the best option to discover Anne Frank’s story!

Amsterdam Ice-bar:

This is the incredibly coolest ice bar in the city, with amazing false snow viewed! The tourist can amuse with the false snow-falling, extra ice drinks can see wonderful ice sculptures, photo-worthy scenic igloo, and much more to do!

Getting around In Amsterdam:

Amsterdam loves its tourist a lot and to save their money; the city provides wonderful transport services with free entry to many sightseeing landmarks of the city! The city has many buses, trams, trains, metros, and ferries that help you get around the city. The city also provides an “Amsterdam City Card” so tourists can get limitless GVB public transport services.

Best hotels to Book for Your Trip:

New to the Town? Speculative where to book B&B Amsterdam? Picking up the right area to settle for your trip is as big of a responsibility as any other. And you can get several attractions around your hotel; you just need to decide which of your bucket list attractions you are looking for!

Let our travel guide helps you to find the Best Hotels in Amsterdam, which are fully decorated and are full of all amenities and facilities of life!

Best Western Amsterdam

Voorburgstraat 250, Amsterdam, Netherlands

rates from $ 62.0

This is a luxurious hotel with a unique bar, and flat-screen TV and unique Asian, Chinese, and Turkish foods, and a wonderful Sauna for relaxation; not only this, the hotel has beautiful rooms, a dining area, and no reservation charges, and more! The hotels provide several deals to the visitors.

Olympic Hotel

12 Ijsbaanpad, Amsterdam, Netherlands

rates from $ 233.0

This is a lush, luxurious B&B Amsterdam hotel with unique 309 fully decorated and stylish rooms with amazingly comfortable beds, healthy foods; and also offers the best deals, with no reservations and booking charges! This amazing hotel is just a few miles away from the city's best sightseeing landmarks, and almost all of the public transports pass from this hotel, so you can easily get a ride in front of the hotel!

Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam

Javakade 766, Amsterdam, Netherlands

rates from $ 205.0

It is one of the best hotels, with housekeeping service; the guests can easily get a wheelchair and an amazing balcony with a scenic and panoramic river view! The hotel has wonderful friendly service, amazing comfortable rooms with lush furniture, wood clean bathrooms with beautiful, stylish bathtubs, an amazing fully decorating dining area, and much more!

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

Herengracht 542-556, Amsterdam, Netherlands

rates from $ 872.0

This is a panoramic canal-viewed hotel that is unique because of its location, the scenic river canal, and 93 wonderful and comfortable fully furnished rooms! The hotel is fully decorated with stylish clamps, and lush, unique furniture is more attractive for the tourist to choose it! The hotel has a beautiful dining area, great fitness clubs, entertaining clubs, and multi-flavored drink bars, and a lush spa pool!


Hilton Amsterdam

Apollolaan 138, Amsterdam, Netherlands

rates from $ 476.0

This hotel is situated at an ideal location, close to the airport and Center of the city. Hilton Amsterdam is at the front of the river and has wonderful full-decor floors and an amazing balcony with a scenic and breathtaking view of the river, making this hotel more unique, among others!


The citizens of Amsterdam are very tolerant, but the city has some rules and regulations which must be kept in mind before visiting the city. The night parties and festivals are only organized at the weekend, so don't expect nightlife other than the weekend, always kept OV-Chip card to get public transportation, cash-payment are not common in Amsterdam, so avoid using it in shops and restaurants, although cycling is more common is the city and if you can’t ride a bike so avoid it.

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